“Invivox, inspired by Airbnb, calls to disrupt medical mentoring.”

June 16, 2016

Invivox, inspired by Airbnb, calls to disrupt medical mentoring.




On Thursday September 15th, the French start-up, Invivox, launched its platform in order to link medical surgeons with specialists for in-person surgical trainings. Invivox’s objective: to become the global benchmark for connecting experts for practical medical training.

Invivox is the Airbnb of continued medical training. The French start-up, based in Bordeaux, launched the first platform in the world that connects medical surgeons with specialist for trainings in the operating room.The principle is simple: with a few clicks on the interface, any practitioner can search for a medical technique (or directly for a colleague), explore doctors profiles who have posted trainings, investigate the details of the trainings, see the possible dates, and then register for sessions that interests them. This opportunity for doctors is quite revolutionary in the industry.Professor Michaël Atlan is here to testify. Professor Atlan is a plastic surgeon, Head of the Department at the Tenon Hospital (APHP), who recently wanted to go to an American colleague to observe a facelift technique. In order to do this, he must contact, convince, agree on a date, receive payment, adjust if the date changes, and more. In all, it took him nine months and a lot of energy before he could enter the operating room. Invivox streamlines the entire process and facilitates all of the necessary steps, such as, checking the status of registered doctors, securing an agreed upon time, accepting payment, providing evaluations of the trainings, and more. Eventually, the company intends to increase related services (ticket reservations, suggestions for the closest hotels, etc.).


Focus on The United States

Created in 2015, the young seedling of a company was elected among the top 10 (out of 560 candidates) most innovative French start-ups in the France Digital competition hosted by BpiFrance. Starting from solely the founder’s personal investments (150,000 euros), Invivox has notably succeeded to raise 1.2 million euros of Isai investment funds and has obtained a loan of 300,000 euros from BpiFrance.


Today the company has chosen an economic model similar to that of their mentors: access to the platform is entirely free but a Invivox takes a commission of 10 to 20 percent of the paid trainings, this transaction is done directly online. The choice to pay for the training and its cost are in the hands of the doctor.


With eight million surgeons in the world and the demand for particularly strong trainings, the start-up aims high. The CEO, Julien Delpech, has been situated in the United States for the past month to start the conquest of this market. The ambition of the start-up is clear: impose itself as the platform that is global benchmark for connecting experts for on-site medical training.


Written by Marion Garreau
Translated/Edited by Kate Cohen
Published 6.16.16



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