Invivox Expands Internationally and Opens its 1st Office in New York

July 21, 2016

French startup Invivox is ready to conquer the American market, as its CEO and co-founder prepares to settle in New York early August. Invivox, the 1st worldwide medical platform to connect surgeons and medical specialists for live training, is about to venture into the US and expand its platform across the Atlantic

Invivox: a French Startup with International Ambitions:

Created in 2015, Invivox is the first worldwide e-platform that connects specialist doctors and world experts for on-site training.

Based in Bordeaux, a beacon of e-health excellence in France, and hosted by “Village by CA,” a Paris venture incubator, Invivox is on the verge of boosting its growth in the next few months, notably via raising EUR 1.2 million last March from investors such as the investment fund ISAI and a EUR 300,000 investment launch loan granted by Bpifrance early July.


Invivox’s growth now rides on opening a US branch. With Invivox partners BPI and ISAI already implanted in New York, the city was a natural choice, confirmed by countless programs geared towards health startups and partnership possibilities with major New York hospitals eager to share the latest technology and breakthroughs with their physicians and patients. Furthermore, “Village by CA’s” New York branch will be hosting Invivox for several months, as the startup integrates an incubator in a major NY hospital.


Speaking of his imminent departure and of the company’s launch in the United States, Julien Delpech, Invivox CEO and co-founder, said, “Invivox had an international vision for its platform from its very inception. It’s crucial for us to have a worldwide presence and to encourage encounters between experts from all over the world, so they can share information about procedures or surgical techniques.”  


In the coming months, Julien Delpech will be developing the platform’s attractiveness in America, in preparation for Invivox’s official launch on the US market, planned for 2017.

Created in English and running in native mode, the platform is already primed to welcome American physicians, whether they wish to train or be trained.


About Invivox

Invivox is a worldwide medical platform that connects medical experts and practitioners in view of offering on-site (in the operating room), one-to-one practical training sessions alongside experts.

Since the summer of 2015, Invivox has been supported by Technopole Bordeaux Unitec, under the umbrella of the Pessac business incubator. Invivox therefore benefits from the remarkable health ecosystem for which the Aquitaine region is famed.

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