Invivox, the Tinder for Surgeons

September 17, 2016

Invivox, the Tinder for Surgeons 


Need to perfect your technique? What do you say about a hot date in the OR?

Launched this past Thursday, the Invivox platform offers an enticing solution for surgeons who wish to perfect themselves. The solution is a useful website that connects these surgeons with experts to expand the tradition of medical mentoring.

Let’s be honest: to become a doc, is like love; it’s not by reading books that we become an expert. Invivox proposes an innovative concept to help spread the love of practical training. Whether you live in Hong Kong, Berlin, New York, or Paris, it is now possible to open your operation room to your colleagues or to seek a fellow surgeon that you wish to learn a particular surgical technique from. In just a few weeks, the site has conquered the hearts of more than 500 practitioners around the world.

Easy Mentoring

One of the leading arguments of this young company is the simplicity of the organization. In a few clicks, it is possible to create a profile in which all the information is available to find THE grand amour. The one who proposes to host a Jedi Apprentice in their OR specifies when it’s available, the number of people that they can host, the living arrangements, the cost of the mentoring, and, as a little bonus, facts on the medical devices that are used. It also lists particulars about their professional career, the number of operations performed, their education, etc.

“This is an opportunity for surgeons to discover a new technique, a new operative gesture, to train for a new technology or to use a new tool,” explains Julien Delpech, the co-founder of the site.

Seven specialties are already registered in the training proposals. “Invivox wants to answer a need for the democratization of mentoring,” adds Julien. “The platform is open to all specialties.”

Hand in Hand with Universities

A University’s mission, like that of Invivox’s, is to facilitate and organize practical training and 1 on 1 mentoring. Dr. Alain Cribier, Head of Cardio Services at CHU in Rouen and the founder of the Medical Training Center at the University, did not hesitate to appropriate the tool into a large-scale means of communication.

“I immediately dove into the idea,” says Professor Cribier. “It’s the answer to all of our organizational problems.”

On the page, the practitioner invites experts to trainings on the installation of aortic valves. The participants can register from anywhere in the world and pay via Invivox. “It remains for us to welcome the participants and train them,” enthuses Alain Cribier.

The founders of the platform hope that their unique initiative helps practitioners to build relationships and improve their quality of care. With love, full of love, and a little ambition anyway: “We do not hide that, by 2020, we hope to be the world’s leader in connecting experts to continue their medical training,” concludes Julien Delpech.




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