NEW PARTNERSHIP between Invivox and Biomodex

January 15, 2017


For the first time, just a few weeks ago, two Orthopedic Surgeons, one from Germany and the other from Bordeaux, experienced a new type of medical training in the operating room of Prof. Philippe Liverneaux located in Strasbourg. This new type of medical training that will lead to dazzling success in the years to come: WATCH + SIMULATE inside the OR of the EXPERT .

This training was possible thanks to two French start-ups: Invivox and BIOMODEX.

Invivox is a web-based platform that facilitates mentorship between physicians around the world for face-to-face training directly in the operating room of leading medical experts. Biomodex offers a solution for 3D printing of synthetic organs for surgical training.
Together, these two start-up companies meet a major health challenge: continuing education of doctors which is the cornerstone of patient care.
This partnership aims to accelerate the development of the two start-ups in order to enable them to become leaders in the market for continuing medical education.

Thomas Marchand, CEO of Biomodex, explains the value of this partnership with Invivox: “With the Invivox platform, physicians today have access to the world’s leading medical specialists. Invivox makes it possible to democratize access to training by offering training in the operating room of these experts.”

The CEO of Invivox, Julien Delpech, sees BIOMODEX as the ideal partner. Medical mentoring is now followed by training on synthetic organs that react exactly like those of the human body.

“With Invivox, I can share my surgical technique with surgeons from all over the world,” summarizes Professor Liverneaux, “and they can even apply what they have just seen in the operating room on synthetic organs with biomechanical characteristics close to the living – this is a considerable step forward in training future generations of doctors.”

CEOs, Thomas Marchand and Julien Delpech, share the same international vision for their development: Julien is currently developing INVIVOX in the United States, in New York, while Thomas runs the US subsidiary of BIOMODEX in Boston. About Biomodex BIOMODEX is a Franco-American startup that develops synthetic organs printed in 3D dedicated to the training of surgeons. Patented technology makes it possible to reproduce exactly the same consistency and the same behavior as the organs inside the human body.

About Invivox INVIVOX is a global medical platform that connects medical experts and practitioners to offer practical on-site training (in the operating room) on a one-to-one basis.

BIOMODEX: Thomas Marchand +33 6 24 28 11 62
Contacts INVIVOX: Julien Delpech, CEO (USA) +1 347 200 9545
INVIVOX: Patxi Ospital, COO (France)  +33 6 26 03 47 98


Download the PR (pdf) here : 15 JANUARY 2017 -NEW PARTNERSHIP between Invivox and Biomodex (English)

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