INVIVOX achieves its American Dream

April 25, 2017

(Article translated in English. Original article here)

Invivox, founded in 2015 in Pessac and established in the American market last autumn, is already enjoying success. This global platform for connecting surgeons and experts in the operating room has convinced the New York University to use its platform, and six months after the launch of its beta version, enables more than 200 physicians from 28 different nationalities to be trained.

In an estimated $ 30 billion medical training market, Invivox caters to more than 8 million surgeons, of which 1.2 million are part of its core target. The company, which raised 1.2 million euros last year and launched the first version of its platform, is already beginning to find its market.

“After raising € 1.2 million, we secured a loan of € 300,000 from Bpifrance, which enabled us to recruit and create our platform last year. We have trained more than 200 doctors from 28 different nationalities and it is extremely reassuring, even if we were confident because there were needs, ” said Patxi Ospital, COO and co-founder of the company.
If the young company still has an important job to establish its notoriety, today it receives requests from professionals who come upon recommendation by medical societies and important institutions that send doctors to train. Created on the idea of ​​allowing a doctor to identify the expert able to share his knowledge, with selection criteria to guarantee the quality of this knowledge, he also positions himself as a trusted third party between the doctor and the laboratories .

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Arrived in September in the United States, Invivox has now 3 people who have joined the team of 10 in Pessac.


“Six months later, we have beautiful partnerships that credibilize our presence in the United States and legitimize our concept. We have been selected by New York University, which has created a future lab where we have been incubating for a month. A great news for us, “says Patxi Ospital.” Thanks to the Village By CA in New York, we opened beautiful doors, we integrate an ecosystem, it gives us a lot of credibility. “The future lab is linked to most new hospitals Yorkshire, Mount Sinai, with partnerships with Yale and Stanford, which have university hospitals, and use our platform to put their partnership opportunities on Invivox.


At the same time, the company set out to win the Bpifrance Digital Innovation Competition, which will allow it to muscle to improve its R & D department. It is a project of € 850,000, funded at 45% by the CIN, of which 50% is a grant and 50% is in the form of a loan. The company, which is preparing a fundraising for the end of 2017 or early 2018, is keen to keep its sales confidential, while specifying that reservations are multiplying. Invivox could be profitable by the end of 2018. All the lights are green.


“We are increasingly being contacted by experts who set a price for which the doctor agrees to pay,” says Patxi Ospital. Companionship was initially free, but exponential training needs made it evolve into We have demonstrated our concept, since physicians come from all over the world, and all these institutions, hospitals and clinics, are contacting us and want to make their knowledge visible and share it. “Mount Sinai, Yale, Stanford In us a tool to transfer this knowledge, it is extraordinary that these institutions integrate us into their tools. We are in discussions with several others.

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