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March 1, 2017

    INVIVOX and the Foundation “SURGEONS of HOPE” team up to facilitate the training of Surgeons in the field of cardiology.

  New York, 1st of March   French-American start-up Invivox.com and the New York based foundation « Surgeons of Hope » are delighted to announce their partnership in the field of Medical Education in the field of Cardiology.   Since its inception in Sept 2016, Invivox offers the global Medical community the possibility to connect on its platform in order to find practical training with another doctor (expert in his/her field). Invivox is referred to as the ‘airbnb’ of continuing medical training (article Usine Nouvelle).   Surgeons of Hope sponsors surgical teams to travel to developing countries and operate on children, equipping and supplying the local hospital as needed. While there, the teaching team works in collaboration with the local medical team to provide training in and access to modern procedures. That training provides the seeds for sustainability  

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